The moving journey of one young woman with multiple personality disorder as told by the perspective of her therapist.

Psychotherapy is raw in its telling. Sexual abuse victims once again expose themselves. This time their naked souls are held in the arms of their psychotherapists who act as surrogate mothers. It is sometimes exquisitely intimate and heart-warming but at other times excruciatingly painful to witness. But there is much comfort in knowing how love can reach the deepest recesses of the human spirit: that by cherishing the soul of the victim, who at times flounders like an injured bird in one’s hands, there lies the opportunity to bring relief from turmoil, chaos and despair.

Demystifying psychotherapy, ‘Out of the Depths’ provides a rare opportunity to glimpse into the minds of both psychotherapist and client as they take the sometimes torrid path through psychotherapy. The story of Mary is based on the accounts of people with multiple personality disorder and those who endeavour to heal them. It describes how a deeply traumatised young woman attempts to piece together the fragments of her past. However, on her journey to find her true self and inner peace, she discovers she has further separate personalities in addition to her own. With each personality having individual needs, wishes and desires, will she find that they’re all on the path to healing, or is one personality intent on self-destruction?

  • “A deeply moving, thoroughly engaging and inspirational account of one woman’s journey through therapy. I found myself unable to put this book down as I became increasingly involved in the client’s story and the deepening transformative relationship which develops between client and therapist. A ‘must read’ for anyone who has an interest in the effects of childhood abuse, or in the treatment of multiple personality disorder.”  HB MA Oxon (Psych)
  • “Reading this book from my perspective as someone with a sexual abuse history, I finally felt understood.” JR
  • “The book is a fascinating read, and to one who has spent many years working in the psychiatric field it is an eye opener and makes me wish such a treatise had been available when I was a student and practitioner.”  MTH MA MD MA (Theol), retired consultant psychiatrist



Jo Ringrose BSc MA DPsych (Prof) is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and supervisor.

She began working as a psychotherapist in the NHS in a secure unit for forensic patients before starting her own private practice at the Karuna Centre Harrogate, UK in 2008.

As an undergraduate student in psychology she won an award for her research at Leeds University and following her Masters in Psychotherapy went on to complete a research doctorate in the field of trauma and dissociation. Using the findings from this research she had her first book, ‘Understanding and Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder (or Multiple Personality Disorder)’ published in 2012. She has written chapters in further books since.

She is married with two grown up children and currently divides her working week between seeing clients and supervisees and writing.